6 Reasons You Fall In Love With Someone

1. You Love

When you’ve in a relationship with someone for a long time or been dating, you come to understand what they smell like. You realize what sorts of colognes they enjoy, what type of shower gel they use, you do when they’re a little bit…funky n’t even mind it. Because you’ll be able to look past all the bad traits that’s, and you constantly see the great stuff. You smell them although when they’re gone you walk into your flat, and you understand that they were merely there before you. Smells linger — on dirty laundry you’ve placed on. Because odors are the phantoms leftover when our loves go away that’s.

2. You Love The Way They Make You Nervous

Attached, although not needy. They give us that warm, fuzzy feeling, the feeling you just get when there’s an emotional connection to that individual. Love makes us vulnerable and all fragile, and nervousness is the way our bodies let us understand that we’re in that state.

3. You Love Their Laugh

Perhaps you have thought about how you start to laugh like the people you’re in relationships with, although we understand that laughter should play an integral function in any meaningful relationship? You love their laugh so much that it has taken over your own style of laughter. But that’s merely natural. Certainly you borrow their speech patterns and body language when you’re so close and linked to someone. Consider it a form of flattery.

4. You Know Them Better Than They Understand Themselves

Everybody has even the people who think they don’t care about trend, style. Like smell it’s also a sort of phantom, although style is the wrap that makes us desire to discover what’s beneath. You see a pair of underwear or a shirt that you just know your significant other will adore and can be out shopping. You instantly have a flash of them, grin all and buy them it because you understand them better than they understand themselves.

5. They Allow You To Feel Safe

They should make themselves available, when you date someone. They need to cause you to feel like they care, and the best way to do that is to cause you to feel safe. You feel safe in their arms at nighttime. You feel safe sitting together at dinner at your favorite restaurant.

6. You Can’t Imagine Living Without Them

There are a lot of reasons people get into or out of relationships. No relationship is picture perfect — they have issues. If you quit speaking to this individual right now, forever, would you care? If the response is a big fat for the love of God end it. But if the answer is yes, irrespective of what difficulties you might have, it’s worth attempting to work it out.



We’ve all played some variation of this game either non drinking or drinking at baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor, commencement or any of a dozen other celebrations. These questions can also be amazing on dates. We’ve assembled a listing of never have I ever questions here, use some on the next date or at your next party. Your bash guest will have a fun time. It’s possible for you to find out things you never knew about your friends you have understood for some time.



You sit in a circle, to play, one person starts and will be standing in the center of the circle with a Never Have I Ever questions such as Never have I ever…. Then each person says if they have done it or not. Whoever has done must find a chair that is new together with the individual in the middle. Whoever is left with no seat must take the spot at the center and ask the next question. Or with the drinking game, whoever has done what the first player has not must drink. Then the one that said the particular “I have never…” must take a drink, if there’s no one taking a drink.



1. Never have I injured myself while trying to impress someone I was interested in.

2. Never have I said ‘I adore without meaning it you’.

3. Never have I ever cheated on a test or examination.

4. Never have I fallen down in public because I was drunk.

5. Never have I ever wet my pants.

6. Never have I been in handcuffs.

7. Never have I ever eaten snails.

8. Never have I ever played hooky from work.

9. Never have I ever made a prank phone call.

10. Never have I eaten it and ever taken food out of a trash can.

11. Never have I ever gotten a speeding ticket.

12. Never have I ever fallen asleep in a meeting.

13. Never have I ever went to the wrong house after I was intoxicated.

14. Never have I ever skinny dipped.

15. Never have I ever been skydiving.

16. Never have I ever been in or caused a car accident because I was using my cell phone.

17. Never have I ever shouted / flirted my way out of a speeding ticket.

18. Never have I ever built something out of wood.

19. Never have I ever sunbathed partly or completely nude.

20. Never have I ever peed in the shower.

21. Never have I ever taken part in a talent show.

22. Never have I ever eaten a Krispy Kreme donut.

23. Never have I ever had sex in a sleeping bag.

24. Never have I worn Crocs.

25. Never have I ever eaten food off of someone’s naked body.

26. Never have I lied about myself to get set.

27. Never have I thrown from restaurant or a nightclub.

28. Never have I made money by performing on the street.

29. Never have I screamed during a scary film.

30. Never have I ever gotten carded (for anything).

31. Never have I ever involved with a hit and run.

32. Never have I ever fooled around1 on the job in the stockroom while.

33. Never have I ever looked through a roommate’s bathroom or bedroom.

34. Never have I ever been to a professional sporting event.

35. Never have I ever had a fake ID.

36. Never have I ever done body shots.

37. Never have I been locked in outside naked.

38. Never have I ever imagined payback for someone.

39. Never have I toilet papered someone’s house.

40. Never have I ever been approached by a hooker.

41. Never have I ever re-talented something that I received.

42. Never have I ever gone someplace in the existence of a member of the opposite sex, merely to be seen by an ex-husband.

43. Never have I ever had a tumble that is terrible since I was walking and texting.

44. Never have I ever spied on my neighbors.

45. Never have I ever worn clothing to conceal a hickey.

46. Never have I ever went camping in a tent.

46. Never have I made jell-o shooters.

47. Never have I ever been detained.

48. Never have I had sex in a pool.

49. Never have I gotten seasick.

50. Never have I ever been so intoxicated I couldn’t remember where I resided.